Building a Platform for the Lacrosse Community

What are we doing here?

Our mission is to grow nationwide sports participation by empowering beginner athletes and reducing barriers that currently exist in youth sports. We’re starting with lacrosse because our platform is built to directly combat the current difficulties of the sport all across the country.

So how can Gearosaur help you?

Gearosaur is a profile-driven and interactive platform that provides reliable guidance to youth athletes and parents. We are building a trusted-community to serve parents and players as a one-stop-shop for information and guidance, with a special focus on an easy user-experience and integrity.

We want to help our community get past the barriers that prevent parents and players from trying out a new sport – starting with the difficulties of buying lacrosse gear. Gearosaur provides comfort, confidence, and makes navigating the lacrosse marketplace much easier.


Why Did We Start Gearosaur?

It’s easy for those from hot-bed lacrosse regions to take the local resources, stores,

coaches, and friends for granted when starting out the sport. Unfortunately, this experience is not available to everyone. Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. People should be able to get the same guidance and recommendations whether they are in Baltimore, Long Island, Austin, Seattle, or Indianapolis.

We have heard countless stories of parents traveling over an hour to visit the closest lacrosse-retailer or a general sporting goods store seeking advice and gear. We’ve heard directly from parents that they not only drive these long distances, but also sometimes

leave stores not knowing if they spent all that money on the correct gear.

Coaches want to help, but it’s not always easy to run a program and find time to collect gear recommendations for the athletes one-by-one.

There are growing pains associated with the national growth of lacrosse. In many regions, we’ve seen interest at the youth level outpace local resources. This is not meant to be a knock on anybody, but rather highlight the unintended consequences of growth in new geographic areas. We now see an opportunity to lift-up parents, coaches, and retailers to ensure lacrosse can reach every athlete that wants to play.


What should you expect?

We are a friend to coaches, a partner to your local retailers, and a trusted resource for players and parents. From the moment the athlete decides to give lacrosse a shot, Gearosaur is built to be by his or her side.


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