From the Lacrosse Pro: Matt Dunn

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

PLL Pro Matt Dunn discusses the ups and downs of his youth lacrosse journey. Starting out lacrosse isn’t easy, and that’s why we’re launching Gearosaur.

Lacrosse is my favorite sport. I love the competition, the people, and the creativity, each of which has shaped my career into what it is today. I dream to see the day where lacrosse competes with the other major sports on a national level and young players all over the world can easily participate. The more accessible we can make the game of lacrosse, the better for everyone involved.

Surprisingly, lacrosse was not always my favorite sport. I actually quit in fifth grade to play AAU basketball in the spring. Lacrosse just wasn’t fun for me -- I was playing the wrong position, didn’t have great stick skills, and was using a sub-par stick. I didn’t like putting on the uncomfortable pads, and I wasn’t developing skills as quickly as I was for other sports. Fortunately, I was reintroduced to the game a year later. With proper guidance, I switched positions, upgraded my stick, got better fitting pads, and joined a team with my friends. Lacrosse became fun for me.

"Fortunately, I had a community to help me get started"

Today, I’ve been playing lacrosse for over 20 years. The last 6 of which have been at the professional and international level. I have also coached youth athletes across the country. Some have been kids just grabbing sticks for the first time, and others were the highest-level high school athletes.

Fortunately, I had a community to help me get started. Neighbors, friends, and coaches taught me the different types of sticks and gear, and I quickly became more comfortable getting out on the field.

I am beyond thankful for the community that got me where I am today. Growing up in a “hot bed” lacrosse state like Maryland gave me access to all these resources; however, not every player has this luxury. Our goal is to provide that community-level access to players of all ages and experience levels, regardless of geographic location.

Driven by these ambitions, we developed Gearosaur.

Gearosaur guides athletes and parents through their lacrosse journey, no matter where they start. We are here to handle the nuances of the sport so you can focus on your game. Getting started is always the most difficult step, so let’s do it together.

- Matt Dunn

Matt Dunn is a Baltimore native that has benefited from growing up in the lacrosse state of Maryland. Matt graduated from the University of Maryland in 2016 as a 2x Division I All-American and is now a professional lacrosse player for the Whipsnakes LC in the Premier Lacrosse League and the Georgia Swarm in the National Lacrosse League. Dunn is also a 5x time professional lacrosse All-Star and 2x Defensive Player of the Year. Matt also enjoys running camps for athletes of all ages and coaching at his high school alma mater.

A part of building the Gearosaur community is listening to those we're trying to help. What are you struggling with today when buying lacrosse gear?


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